Lela Alize


EMAIL: Lelaalize@gmail.com

About the Author

I wish I had started living my life earlier. Unfortunately, I was busy living the lives of others, children, siblings, well-loved friends, to realize that I wasn't living my own. Ever since I was a little girl, I've kept notebooks full of stories and poems that I've written. Now that my youngest is in college, I've followed my heart's passion, and written my first novel. I've always been a dreamer, so of course, it's a romance. Actually, it's a trilogy of romance with plenty of steamy love scenes.  

After the marriage, and the kids, and the house, all of which I loved, I'm excited to embark on something that is purely for me, because I love doing it.

What do I have in common with well-read writer's of our time? Each one began with their first novel. Left with Shoes is mine.